• Interactive & Organic

    La Confluencia is defined by our organic farm and biointensive gardens, which provide sustenance for those who live here and those who visit.

    Our organic farm surrounds La Confluencia with vegetable gardens and fields of rye, wheat, and hay. Scottish Blackface sheep dot the hillsides, while Pampa beef cattle (a local breed) graze and browse the higher mountains. All of these animals are a source of food products, clothing, and soil humus. While the farm is not vegetarian, the goal here is to encourage less dependence on a meat based diet, thus fostering a more sustainable circle of fertility.

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  • Our Gardens

    The vegetable, herb, and fruit gardens of La Confluencia are a central feature of the farm. We cultivate fifty-five double-dug beds modeled after Biointensive techniques developed by John Jeavons at Ecology Action.

    Kitchen-garden beds provide for our daily salads while other beds are used primarily for canning, drying, and freezing for the winter ahead. Our orchards provide apples, pears, cherries, and plums in season, and jams, apple sauce and cider all year round.

    A beautiful herb and flower garden is maintained for cooking and for flower arranging.

    In order to close the circle of sustainability, a portion of the garden is dedicated to growing crops specifically for seed saving and compost building purposes.