• Cultivating Beautiful Food

    Our open kitchen features a welcoming, local chef who prepares delicious, hearty meals, and encourages a good old-fashioned kitchen hangout.

    All meals are served family-style, and prepared with organic products from the Confluencia farm: vegetables, fresh milk, eggs, meats, and hearty breads from whole grains harvested and stone-ground at the farm.

  • Biointensive Gardens

Simple. Delicious. Organic.

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    You can choose which meals you’d like to eat with us during your stay. You’re  more than welcome to have all of them prepared by us, or you might want to try lunch in one of the refugios on your hike, or even grab a burger and beer at the nearby River Side Pub one evening.

    We offer a selection of wonderful Argentinian wines and beers upon request.

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    Your day might typically start with warm rye cereal porridge and fruit, or hearty eggs and toast. Either way, you’ll be well prepared for your day’s adventures. And it would be our chef’s pleasure to pack a picnic lunch for you to take with you for your activities. Dinners are informal and might include an asado… perhaps barbecued pork with applesauce chimi-churri, or braised lamb with garden vegetables; our kitchen garden supplies fresh greens and herbs for the delicious daily salads.

Rave Review

“I can say that it was amazing to wake up, eat breakfast and step out the door onto gorgeous and uncrowded hiking trails!
Which brings me to the food… as a couple who absolutely love eating, we were hesitant about staying and eating meals in the same lodge. With other hotels we’ve been not-so-impressed. But, La Confluencia has a chef [whose] cooking skills, coupled with the fact that she can just walk outside and literally pick dinner from the organic gardens made for some of the best food that I’ve had in recent memory!!!!”
–review from TripAdvisor Member